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FINCOMA was established in 1984 from a previous entity with a long term experience in the industrial precision components sector. The idea of creating a brand in the national and international market is synonymous with quality and a full range in stock.

Selection Organization FINCOMA’s experience guarantees the choice of the best world partner in the making of specific products. Out of professionalism is born the assurance of quality. Out of the application of practical solutions in the storage of the goods, and in their loading and unloading, comes the high level of service to the customers.

In the summer of 2008, the new European Logistics Center was inaugurated, a reality that is developed on:

  • 35,000 square meters
  • 6,000 square meter warehouse
  • 220 handling missions per hour
  • 3 automatic warehouses with 6 stacker cranes
  • 14,700 pallets
  • 5.000 tray

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IT Sales * Vendite Italia
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IT Shipment Dept. * Ufficio spedizioni Italia
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EU Shipment Dept. * Ufficio spedizioni UE
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Purchase Dept. * Acquisti
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Account Dept. * Amministrazione
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Forniture Industriali Maggi srl
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Sales * Vendite
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